I was born October 11th, 1982 in USSR, Little town called Ula-Ude. My father and mother moved there from Siberia as a young newly married couple (they were both 21). My father was serving in a Russian army, and my mother graduated a college, she had dreams of becoming a teacher.

When I was 7, my parents moved to Moscow (before that we were living in Leningrad aka St Petersburg). Growing up I never thought of becoming a model. To me, it was some kind of unrealistic dream. When I was 16, I was on my way to university, when an agent came up to me and ask me to be a model. I though he was joking, so I never went to the agency. 2 years later I over heard on a radio station about Elite Model Look contest. My friends were pushing me to try my luck. So I decided to give it a chance. I took one of my best friends with me. I remember a huge line around the block to enter an agency. We waited in the line for 5 hours. I was chosen among hundreds of girls. I became one of the finalists in Russia, but I didn’t score enough to go to international final. Fortunately, one of the jury saw a potential in me, and he invited me to go to Tokyo for a couple of month.

I went to Japan with intention to stay for 2 month, return home and continue my education. But I stayed in Japan for 2 years. I was shooting for local catalogs, working with Japanese clients. I learned English and I was making enough money to support my family and myself.

At the end of a second year in Tokyo, I knew that I wanted something else, I wanted to grow as a professional model and I knew that New York was the place for me to go next. It was always my dream to live in New York. I knew that the City is very tough for newcomers. But I had a great agency and a family support, so I packed my bags and left Japan for good. First time I came in New York - I fell in love with the City! New York felt like home to me. As a new model I was seeing a lot of clients every day and building a new portfolio. It was difficult to adjust to a new life, but I was determined. The big brake thru came to me when I went to see Ralph Lauren for his fashion show in 2003. I ended up opening the show, following up with a gorgeous campaign. After that I signed an exclusive contract and have been the face of Ralph Lauren ever since.

Currently I live in New York. I travel the world and I love to share my experience with others. Feel free to check my blog, where I share beauty tips I learned along the way of being a model, as well as healthy recipes, places that I love the most, interviews with models and inspirational people, and life in general! “Value who you are. Enjoy your uniqueness and don't compare yourself with others and put yourself down. Love is everywhere!”